College Planning

Choosing a College-

One of the most important decisions high school students make is deciding on an education and career path for after high school  The first thing that you need to consider will be the 'type of academic program' and the 'availability of the major' you are most interested in. 

      Other factors that need to be considered:
  • Location - distance from home
  • Environment- type of school (2 vs 4yr), school setting (urban vs rural), location and size of nearest city, population of students (co-ed, M, F), religious affiliation
  • Size - enrollment, physical size of campus
  • Admission Requirements - Dedlines, tests required, test scors, GPA, rank, special requirements
  • Academics - majors offered, accreditation - recognized by regional or national accrediting bodies as meeting it objectives, student-faculty ratio, typical class size
  • College expenses - tuition, room and board, estimated total budget, application fee and deposits required
  • Financial Aid - deadlines, required forms, % of student population receiving aid, scholarships, part-time employment opportunities
  • Housing - residence hall requirements, availability, types and sizes, food plans
  • Facilities - academic, recreational, other
  • Activities - clubs, organizations, sororities/fraternities, athletics, intramurals
        Each student is able to explore college options on Wiscareers or on the College Navigator.

Visiting college Campuses

    College admissions officials strongly urge students to visit the colleges that they are considering attending.  This will help students choose a school that is the best fit for them, both academically and socially.  Juniors and seniors at AHS have the opportunity to take a group tour at CVTC in the fall with Ms. Fluekiger, and they are also encouraged to arrange tours at other various colleges independently.  Campus visits can be arranged by contacting the admissions office at the college of interest.  Tours for some colleges can be arranged on-line through the college's web-site.
     Absences for tours will be 'excused' provided that the student return a signed 'College Visit Form' available from Ms. Fluekiger, Mrs. Stiehl or on the main page of the school web-site.  (Self-guided tours or tours by friends/siblings are NOT sufficient to be considered an excused school activity.)
     Upon return, the form must be given to the Main Office.  Students will be responsible for making up any work assigned during their absence.
      Virtual campus tours are also available at Ecampustours.


College Websites

UW College System

WI Private Colleges

WI Technical Colleges

MN State Colleges & Technical Colleges

The ACT and COMPASS exams are the most common college admissions tests taken by AHS students. Learn more about which test to take, when to take it, how to register and how to prepare for these exams.

**The ACT is a college admissions test that is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States.
**Students should take the ACT in the
spring of their junior year.
registration fee is $36.50. Fee waivers are available. A late fee of $23.00 is added when you register after the deadline.
**Include the
Alma High School CEEB code (500-020) in order for the guidance office to receive your scores to be added to your transcript.
**When you register, you can request to have your scores sent to up to
four colleges at no cost. There is an additional fee of $10.00 per school if you want your scores sent to more than four schools.
**Some schools, such as
UW-Madison and UM-Twin Cities, require the ACT Plus Writing test (registration fee of $52.50). Check admission requirements at the schools to which you are applying before registering for the ACT.
**For additional information, or to register for the ACT, click on the link above
Taking the COMPASS

**The COMPASS is a student assessment used for admissions and placement at the WI technical colleges.
**Students can take the COMPASS as
juniors and seniors.
registration fee is $20.00. Fee waivers are available. To retake a section of the test will cost $5.00 per section.
**The COMPASS is
offered at AHS through the Guidance Office.
**The COMPASS can also be taken at Chippewa Valley Technical College anytime during the year. To register to take it at CVTC, or to prepare for the test, follow the link above.


On-line applications are available on most schools web-sites.  To begin the process, go tot the college's website, look for the section on how to apply and follow the directions. Most applications will require completion of an essay question.  Keep in mind that these statements must be written in a professional manner as not only do these statements effect admissions, but some schools use these statements to award scholarships as well.


**Students who have completed the online application process, will need to notify Ms. Fluekiger so that the students transcripts can be mailed directly to the schools of choice. Students must complete the Transcript Request form available in Ms. Fluekiger's office.  Those completing paper applications should bring the completed application, along with a check for the application fee to the guidance office and all materials will be sent out together.


Financial Aid